When you start a treatment procedure at ADHD City, it will be relevant to know your situation regarding insurance, costs and billing. We will explain this here.

What type of insurance will be accepted?

You can visit ADHD City if you are insured with a health insurer with whom we have a contract. These are:

  • Menzis (this also includes Anderzorg, Hema and VinkVink)

  • DSW (this also includes: In Twente, Stad Holland and SZVK)

  • Medical Care for Asylum Seekers Scheme (RMA)

  • Displaced Persons Medical Care Scheme (RMO)

What about the deductible excess?

You always have a 'deductible' ('eigen risico' in Dutch). The deductible is € 385, or higher if you opted for this when taking out your insurance. The deductible is an amount that you pay in healthcare costs by yourself. Your excess applies once every calendar year. If you have already spent it on other care, it will lapse and you will be reimbursed in full for the costs of this treatment.

The deductible must be paid every year. This means that when your treatment exceeds a year's limit, you will have to pay the deductible again in the new calendar year. This time applies from the moment we schedule the admission interview and introductory meeting with you (this is step 2 in the step-by-step plan).

How does payment work?

The invoice is periodically submitted electronically to the health insurer. The health insurer will settle the excess with you.

Since 2023, the care-performance model (Dutch: zorgprestatiemodel), which is a method used by the GGZ (mental health care organization) to fund mental health care, has been effective. You will recognise and be able to verify the performance provided to you by ADHD City. The bill states on which date and with whom you had a consultation and the length of time. You will also be able to view the things we do behind the scenes, such as the mutual consultations.

Paying by yourself

Are you prepared to pay for the treatment by yourself? In that case you can make an appointment with us for treatment even if you do not have the appropriate health insurance. Please contact us for more information. Part of the costs can still be claimed from your own health insurer.