When you start treatment at ADHD City, it is important to know about costs and compensation. This will be explained below.

What is compensated?

You will only pay your deductible. If you have insurance with a health insurer with which we have a contract, you will be compensated for your treatment. We have contracts with Menzis (Anderzorg, Hema, VinkVink, Menzis), DSW – Stad Holland (DSW, In Twente, Stad Holland, SZVK), the Asylum Seekers Medical Care Scheme (RMA) and the Medical Care for Displaced Persons Scheme (RMO).

What about the deductible?

Everyone has a so-called deductible ('eigen risico' in Dutch). This deductible is currently € 385, or higher if you agreed to this when taking out your insurance. This deductible is the amount of your healthcare costs that you must pay yourself. Your deductible applies once per calendar year. If you have already spent the amount on other care, it will be voided and you will be compensated in full for the costs of your treatment.

How does payment work?

After the treatment has been concluded, the invoice will be submitted digitally to us to your health insurer. The health insurer will settle the deductible with you.

New Financing of Mental Health Care in 2023

Since 1 January 2022, the financing of your treatment at our mental health practice has changed. This will also affect your deductible in 2023. The government refers to this new way of financing as the 'healthcare performance model' ('zorgprestatiemodel'). This new model is about you as the patient being able to identify and monitor the services provided by ADHD City. What changes should you expect?

  • The invoices will be clearer: you will see exactly on which date you had a consultation session, with whom that was, and how long it lasted. You will get a better understanding of the things we do behind the scenes, such as administration and mutual consultation.

  • If your treatment exceeds an annual limit, you will pay the deductible again in the new calendar year. For example, if your treatment starts this year and continues into 2024, you will pay the deductible twice. This period will only commence from the moment we plan the introductory meeting with you (this is step 2 in the step-by-step plan).