Treatment and medication can help you cope with living with ADHD. We treat and support people with ADHD in various ways.


Through psychoeducation, you can learn more about living with ADHD and what it means for your day-to-day life and the people around you. If you understand ADHD better, it will help you in dealing with your problems. Psychoeducation can be provided individually and online. You will gain access to online modules, which you can participate in in your own time. We support working digitally, because it allows you to log in even after the treatment period has ended. This ensures you can always remain up to date on ways of dealing with ADHD, even after treatment.


Individual psychotherapy can be very helpful when you feel depressed or have a negative self-image. Following psychotherapy, you will have fewer anxiety symptoms.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This therapy is based on your individual situation. For example, we can focus on mindfulness, self-compassion, or acceptance of your own personality. You will be given the tools to change thoughts that give rise to unwanted emotions. 


Although curing ADHD is impossible, medication can greatly reduce your symptoms. Your head will feel clearer, and you have more control over your thoughts and feel less restless.

Healthy living

You may have trouble falling asleep or be prone to addiction. We can help you out in various ways. Healthy living is one example. Think of a healthy diet, frequent exercise, and logical schedules. We will pay plenty of attention to this during treatment.

Group education

Because recognition from others can provide significant relief, our aim is to quickly introduce group education. During group education, you will be able to talk to others about your obstacles, lifestyle, and potential solutions. 

Video calls

Our treatment can take place in person or online via video calling using Microsoft Teams. This has proven to be very pleasant for certain people, for example because they live outside Groningen.