When you have ADHD, you often feel restless. You have difficulty concentrating, are sensitive to external stimuli and may react impulsive. ADHD can significantly hinder you in life and may even cause arguments with others. In people with ADHD, communication between different areas of the brain does go smoothly. Unfortunately, because of this ADHD cannot be cured. However, treatment and medication can provide you with more control over the disorder. There are also a number of practical tips that can help you out immediately.

Additional Problems

If ADHD complicates your life, it may be accompanied by several other problems. Examples include:

Autism Many people with ADHD have some form of autism. This means that you may be vulnerable when it comes to social interaction. Or that you may have limited behavioural patterns, interests, or activities. You may also be more or even less sensitive to sensory stimuli.

Depression When others don't understand your situation, this may cause you to feel low-spirited or even depressed.

Anxiety You may become anxious because you don't know whether your ADHD is preventing you to meet others' expectations. Your performance at work or at school may disappoint, which will naturally decrease overall enjoyment. You may also be afraid of failing in social interaction.

Addiction Various stress factors can make you susceptible to addiction. For example, an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Sleeping issues The commotion inside your head and the stress that ADHD can bring may cause sleeping issues.

ADHD City works closely with you to examine all potential obstacles across the entire spectrum of your complaints. We can give you appropriate advice and, where possible, treat you directly. In some situations, we may have to refer you to an external practitioner.

What is ADHD

Tips & recognition

It provides comfort to feel recognition from people suffering from similar problems. For example, we recommend checking out the 'How to ADHD' YouTube channel.