Treatment and medication can help you live a better life with ADHD. We treat people with ADHD in various ways.


During the treatments, you will learn to understand ADHD and what it involves for your life and for the people around you. If you have a better understanding of ADHD, it will help you deal with it. Psycho-education can be provided on an individual basis in an interview, online through modules and in online group sessions.

Online treatment modules can be followed independently. To do so, you will be given access to Therapieland modules, which you will still have access to after completion of the treatment. This way, you will always know how to deal with ADHD, even after treatment.

In an ADHD City (online) group session, you will receive information about ADHD and additional problems, such as sleeping disorders and depression. There is also the opportunity to share experiences if you like.

Cognitive behavioural therapy

We use the ADHD-in-adults module for this therapy. Here, you will learn to deal with your ADHD symptoms, just as in psycho-education. You will be given tools to redirect thoughts that cause undesirable feelings.


Although ADHD cannot be cured, medication can greatly reduce your symptoms. You will feel clearer in your head, have things better structured and organised and suffer less from your symptoms.

Healthy living

You may have trouble falling asleep or be prone to addiction, which will be part of our conversations. There are several ways to start experiencing improvement, for example, through healthy living: eating well, exercising and being outdoors.

Video calls

Our treatments can take place at our practice or online. For many people, video calling proves to be convenient, for example when they live far from Groningen. We use Microsoft Teams for video calls.