Getting started

Do you suspect or suffer from ADHD? Ask your doctor to make a referral. We can make a diagnosis and provide custom support. Our goal is to help you function better in life and help you feel happy. Together we will take the following steps.

    Step 1: Writing Down Your Experiences

    We will send you a registration form by post. Here you can write down all the problems you encounter. 

    Step 2: Introductory Meeting: Help Request

    We will plan an introductory meeting. Here, we will discuss your specific situation. We will determine your help request:

    • what do you want to achieve?

    • what changes are you looking for?

    • how do you see your future?

    • what do you expect from ADHD City; how may we help you achieve your goal?

    We work solution-oriented and will ensure your help request is as concrete as possible. 

    Step 3: Diagnosis

    If no diagnosis has been made yet, we will use your input from the first interview to make a diagnosis. Within our practice, a psychiatrist and psychologist are closely involved in the diagnosis: we analyse your problems over a broad spectrum. As a result, in addition to ADHD we may identify other problems. We will discuss the outcome of the diagnosis in an advisory meeting (step 4). 

    Step 4: Advisory Meeting

    Following the introductory meeting, we will invite you to an advisory meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss our diagnosis with you (if not previously diagnosed). We will explain why we think you suffer from ADHD or any other diagnoses. Based on your help request, we will discuss potential treatment or support. Together we will decide what suits you most.

    Preferably, we will also invite people close to you to this meeting. For example, your partner, parents, or a close friend. We will of course only do this with your express permission. Your direct environment - your support system - is extremely important. The people around you have a major impact on your life. Perhaps you argue a lot. Or you cannot meet their expectations. By involving your system, we aim to create an environment that suits, supports and helps you.

    After we have determined our approach, ADHD City will describe this in a so-called treatment agreement. 

    Step 5: Treatment

    You can now start your treatment. On average, a treatment process takes four to six months. In some situations it may take longer or shorter. Every three months, or earlier if you desire, we will evaluate the situation together. Treatment at ADHD City is based on scientific research. We also follow the mental health guidelines of the Trimbos Institute and the Dutch Psychiatric Association.

    Step 6: Final Interview

    After you have completed your treatment, we will schedule a final interview. Here we will ask you how you experienced treatment at ADHD City. This allows us to adapt our care to the needs of our clients and closely monitor quality. After we have handled your help request, we will refer it directly back to your doctor.


    We would appreciate it if you could write a review about your experiences during or after your treatment programme. This will help us to keep evaluating our treatment and to offer our current and future clients the best possible care. You can write this review on (look for 'ADHD City' and click 'write a review').

    If you feel that you have to wait too long, you can always contact us, or ask your healthcare insurer for waiting list mediation. With the support of your healthcare insurer, you will have an intake interview with your healthcare provider within 4 weeks after your first contact with them, and your treatment will start within 10 weeks after the intake interview. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times agreed upon by healthcare insurers and providers (Treek standards).