For referrers

What are some of the things to bear in mind before referring a client to ADHD City? And what can ADHD City do? Here you can read important information for referring physicians.

Useful to know before you refer your client

We can process your referral if your client has the appropriate health insurer. Please make sure to check this first.

How do you refer to ADHD City?

Referrals to ADHD City for treatment can be made in 2 ways:

  • Via

  • If you do not have access to Zorgdomein (healthcare domain), you can email the referral letter to

Discussing what is needed

Related diagnostics, such as depression, autism or an anxiety disorder can often make it difficult to come to a diagnosis of ADHD. If you suspect ADHD in your client, if you are unsure about it or need more information: please call ADHD City. Together, we will discuss what ADHD City can do for you. We can schedule an admission interview with your client to arrive at a diagnosis. When the client recognises the diagnosis of ADHD, we can start customised treatment.